Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Boots For Snow


Fishing outdoors in the winter time is a great sport for many. But with all that wet snow, freezing lakes and rivers, you need winter fishing boots that are not only quality but also designed specifically for the cold weather ahead. If you are having trouble searching for the best ice fishing boots, we have compiled a list of the top ice fishing boots in the market that will provide you with ultimate protection and warmth for your feet. This review content focuses on waterproof boots, that are also top rated for their extreme cold weather capabilities in almost any type of conditions.


Kamik Greenbay 4:

best ice fishing boots

The Kamik Greenbays are well known for withstanding even the toughest conditions. These waterproof boots are able to withstand temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

If that’s not impressive, the Kamik boots are constructed with lightweight material and a durable waterproof nylon shell. A great feature of the Kamik Greenbay boots is the moisture-wicking lining. It helps prevent sweaty vapor from freezing and building up around your toes.


Boot Height: 14 inches
Boot Weight: 31 ounces

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The Original MuckBoots:

best boots for ice fishing

When talking about top-notch ice fishing boots that offer great warmth, The Original MuckBoots is one of the best among other products. It can maintain a level of warmth from -40 to 60 Fahrenheit. Besides from fishing, the MuckBoots can also be used for any outdoor activity such as working outside in the cold, hunting, horseback riding, and even snowmobiling.

The Original MuckBoots are designed with two millimeters of thermal foam underlay. This feature is located in the instep portion of the boot to increase warmth. The 5mm CR flex-foam bootie is also an additional four-way stretch nylon feature that comes with the design of the MuckBoots. This is a boot that remains flexible, lightweight, insulated and 100% waterproof.


Boot Height: 17 inches
Boot Weight: 32 ounces


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Baffin Snow Monster Insulated Boot:

best winter boots for ice fishing

With a cold-proof rating of -94 Farenheit, these Baffin Snow Monster boots are no joke. Baffin makes use of several multi-layer liners to act as insulation. These liners are equal to eight hundred grams of insulation as compared to other producers. The Baffin Snow Monster boot is also manufactured with inner foam alongside multilayers.

The exterior sole of the product is designed with Icepaw pads. This technology pattern is designed by Baffin for total protection. Even on several slippery platforms, the Icepaw technology will help to provide an incredible grip. The Baffin Snow Monster features a shaft and heel that is increased in height, helping you to be protected from the harsh attack of the snow from making contact with your feet.


Boot Height: 12 inches
Boot Weight: 45 ounces


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Guide Gear Monolithic Waterproof Boots:

guide gear monolithic hunting boots

Bitter cold is not a blockage; rather an opportunity for true outdoorsmen. One of the primary reasons for designing the Guide Gear Monolithic boot is to stand any tough environmental challenge. It comes with two thousand four hundred grams of thinsulate ultra insulation, breathable membrane, 900-denier nylon, and waterproof suede leather. These materials are mixed together to protect you from the cold and provide the most warmth.

The Guide Gear Monolithic boot also comes with rugged rubber outsoles, heels, and molded rubber toes to provide the traction and durability users want. On the coldest days, these winter fishing boots will keep your feet warm while drilling holes while ice fishing, or walking on frozen water. The Monolithic boots are completely waterproof, and features padded tongues and collars. The ¾ gusseted tongues are made to lock-out the debris, snow and water.


Boot Height: 12 inches
Boot Weight: 40 ounces


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Sorel Intrepid Explorer Extreme Snow Boot:

sorel intrepid explorer snow boot

The Sorel Intrepid Explorer Extreme Boot is by far one of the more expensive boots in the market. In fact, it’s the most expensive model in our top 5 list of best ice fishing boots. If you are looking for quality, something that will last, and have the budget for it, these are some of the best boots for ice fishing.

Able to withstand a whopping -100 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a thick and very durable boot that will keep your feet warm while ice fishing with no problems at all. It is completely waterproof, features a built-in gaiter, and a multi-directional rubber lug outsole for maximum grip and traction. If the previous boots you have owned didn’t last very long and didn’t do the job, then I would highly suggest checking out these boots.


Boot Height: 15.5 inches
Boot Weight: 48 ounces


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Our list of the best ice fishing boots highlighted some of the most durable boots, those that were comfortable to use, waterproof, and able create warmth for your feet. We hope that this ice fishing boots review has been of good use to your future buying decision. Have a personal opinion on the best winter boots for ice fishing? Feel free to let us know!