Want to take your fishing experience to the next level? With the Watersnake Shadow you will be able to control the power and speed of your boat, and will also serve as a backup if your boat motor gives up any point. Water Snake motors are built to withstand harsh challenges associated with freshwater fishing. The electric small trolling motor supplements your oars and paddles and is ideal for small boats, kayaks, and watercrafts.


You can quickly turn or slow down your boat in the middle of the water with the help of its quiet operating motor. The trolling motor comes with a foot control unit with various speeds, and features a 3-blade propeller. The blades of the propeller are made of high-quality steel and are designed to grind weeds or any type of vegetation found underwater. This unit is preferred for small boats due to its quiet, lightweight trolling motor and hands-free operation. View our Watersnake Trolling Motor review below:



Foot Pedal Control:

The trolling motor of the Watersnake Shadow FWDR 54 lb. is user-friendly and features an easy to operate foot control. The foot pedal operation allows you to control the direction of the boat on a left and right motion. You can easily control the speed just by pressing down on the foot pedal. The speed can be maintained at a level without your foot being placed continuously on the speed dial which is a cool feature.



Sturdy Construction:

The Watersnake Shadow boasts a powerful motor that is efficient in dealing with the challenges of freshwater fishing. It has become a popular option in the tolling motor field due to its efficiency, performance, and high-quality construction. The propeller is made of high-quality steel, and the composite shafts are made of corrosion free material, which ensures durability for years to come. The 3-blade propeller features a weedless design that is efficient in cutting weeds that come in contact with the propeller, and provides continuous operation. The circuit board is fully protected and waterproof.



Key Features Include:

  • 54lb thrust with a 48-inch shaft running on 12V power
  • Foot control board for controlling speed and direction of the boat
  • 3-blade propeller with a weedless design
  • Built especially for fishing in freshwater
  • Fully protected and waterproof circuit board
  • Cut-off switch safety feature that engages when motor is placed in the stow position
  • Easy to install and lightweight motor unit. Instructions and manual included
  • The motor comes with 2-year warranty.


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Ease Of Use




Customer Reviews and Scores:



The reviews from previous customers are positive, confident and happy with the light-weight, powerful and great performance of the trolling motor. The product also scores a high-rating of positive reviews on Amazon. Customers feel that the small trolling motor offers great value for the money and delivers the performance expected when fishing in freshwaters.



The product has a few complaints but not related to performance or power of the motor. A customer complained about not revealing the motor as freshwater only when advertising; says: “Doesn’t say freshwater motor in the ad” and another customer recommended a change in the breaker position.




The Watersnake Shadow Trolling Motor makes fresh water fishing a pleasant and effortless experience. This trolling motor is ideal for small boats, kayaks, canoes, etc. and is efficient in controlling the speed and direction. If you are looking for a trolling motor that is efficient as well as affordable, then this option will be perfect for you.

The sturdy built, variable speeds, foot control, and noiseless operation will make your investment a worthy one. We hope that this Watersnake Trolling Motor review has been of help to your future buying decision. Have any questions or opinions on the Watersnake Shadow? Feel free to let us know!


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